Review: 'Psychology of CG Jung’ by Yolande Jacobi

Book: 'Psychology of CG Jung’

Autor: Yolande Jacobi

Publisher Profit and S-ka

Year 2014


As only a very limited choice of the literature concerning Jungian analysis is translated into Polish,

I find publication of the modern translation of the „Psychology of CG Jung, very important.

Thanks to the current publication of classic book by Jolande Jacobi Polish reader has the

opportunity to become familiar with the concept of CG Jung in a very accessible way.

The book is a valuable presentation of the most important elements of theory and analytical


Very approachable and vivid language that helps the reader to understand the basic assumptions

made by CG Jung is he most important advantage that publication.

We will learn from it : what is consciousness and unconsciousness, what are the functions of

consciousness and the contents of the unconscious, and why dreams are so important in the


Dr. Jacobi was a student of CG Jung, and worked with him until his death. She is extremely

appreciated for her unique insight and understanding of his work.The book was created in

cooperation with Jung and his full approval.

At the end of the book, you will find a brief biography of CG Jung and a list of publications.

‚Psychology of CG Jung’ is divided into a theoretical part – where the reader can learn the basic

concepts and the practical part – where the theory comes to life and is shown in practice.

…but this is not a typical academic textbook. What is also, in my opinion, is the undoubted


The publication is strongly recommend to all who wants to learn the basics of theory and analytical