XX International Congress of Analytical Psychology in Kyoto, Japan August 28th – September 2nd, 2016

International Congress of Analytical Psychology is a multi-dimensional event, held in different countries around the world once every three years. This event is always : inspiring – Japanese congress  topic was : ‚Anima Mundi in transition: Cultural, Clinical and Professional Challenges’, there were many lectures and workshops; social – an opportunity to meet Jungians from all over the world; organizational – a new leadership  is being voted, new institutes approved, new Jungian from the router training are being certified  – from those countries where there is no established training institutes  –  among them also Poland.

The Association Jungian of Japan (AJAJ) was responsible for the congress organization. It took place at the International Centre in Kyoto, which provided not only excellent technical conditions to give lectures and talks, but  also organized an interesting cultural program which introduced Japanese culture to the visitors from Europe and America. There were demonstrations of traditional Japanese puppet theater, movies, zen meditation, calligraphy and origami lessons and art exhibition. For those interested, organizers provided additional tours around Japan.

All congress materials were published on-line in English, which is a very good new habit, and we hope that this new tradition will continue.